About Chop (or “Where the formality of introductions are done”)

This’s Chop’s blog. Yeah, just call me that. Chop. This blog’ll contain my brain at the moment. It doesn’t have a theme or anything, just me.

Or that could be it’s theme: me.

So far the blog has the usual madman ramblings, a poem, a dream, and stuff about what I’ve been reading recently (mostly comics). It’d most probably stay that way, but who knows? The blog is my dedicated opinion column, and my mind is a messed-up place, so one can never really tell.

“One can never really tell…”

So stop expecting. Wouldn’t wanna break your heart.

But enough about my blog.

Let’s talk about me.



Bum (or “en passant” as I’d like to call it)

Pretty much cynical

Very much an asshole

Doodles (that might get posted)

Plays vidgames (that too)

Plays in a band (rhythm guitar – band’s nothing serious so meh)

Former journalist

Freeloader (living with a friend in his dad’s foundation building. we’re sort of caretakers – clean up the place and rent, net, cable, electricity, water, even food, is free)

Thassall I could come up with right now.

So yeah. Leave a comment or something. Just so’s I could hit you back.


6 Responses to “About Chop (or “Where the formality of introductions are done”)”

  1. hey, you have a good blog. May be with time, your blog will evolve to a great shape. Good luck.


  2. Freddie’s right, this blog will evolve to a great shape. And I like your blogging style.

  3. Thanks guys, I’m a total blogging noob so this blog’s just sorta… making itself.

  4. You know what, I WANT to be a journalist. Hopefully by the time I’m 22 (I’m 18). It’s the only thing I can see myself doing.

  5. Yeah, I can’t wait til this blog gets popular. Your going to make it to the big times, I can see the flashing lights now, wheres your agent, wheres the publicists and paparazzi 🙂 And, I like cynical bloggers, they usually bring out the best in people.

  6. Gee, what nice things to say. Thanks kids!

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