Catching up

Holy Fucking Crap.

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted and so much has happened. Here’s a rundown of my shit since before Christmas:

Before Christmas – Where Grandpa gets run over by a Reindeer

Well, we obviously don’t have reindeer here, but he was on his deathbed by the time I got to the big city. There was this one time where it was my turn to watch over him and my phone rang. And in the spirit of Christmas, I had my ringtone set to “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. Which I thought was really funny at the time. I was telling my friends the story and they didn’t think it was funny. Meh.

Christmas – Where I get Boozed and Confused

Christmas Eve and my granddad’s whining about the loud music from the neighbors. ‘Snot like we can just come over and tell em to pipe down. It was fucking Christmas Eve! I couldn’t stand the drama at grandpappy’s so I got smashed instead at my cousin’s boyfriend’s place. This was before Christmas dinner, so when the time to feast came, I didn’t have that much space fer the food. I did have space for more beer though. So it was back to cousin’s boyfriend’s place. Drank til 5am til my other cousins from outta town picked me up fer me to drink with them. What can I say? I’m good drinking company. Drinking with my cousins went on fer the whole effin Christmas day. Finally turned in by 2am the next day. Also, Beth and I sorta started texting again since the obligatory Christmas greetings. Seems she’s been havin probs with her airhead boyfriend. Meh.

New Year’s Eve – Where the Ball drops on my Balls

Immediate family rendezvous at my aunt’s place before we all head on out to my granny’s (on me dad’s side) place for the whole clan to usher in the New Year together. Once me and my kid sis gets to my aunt’s place though, me dad greets me with a “Er…Are you coming with us?” The old man apparently thinks It’d be embarassing fer me to face his stuck-up clan of hobnobs and socialites. So fuckit, I went the high road and said “No, I’m headin over to a friend’s place.”

I din’t really have any plans, so I just headed on out for the seediest, crappiest watering hole-in-the-wall I could find to get pissed. Mebbe cap the night off with a bar brawl if I’m lucky.

Just my luck, all the bars were closed for the night. So I was thinkin I should head on out to whatever major Nuyir event was closest to me. Time was running out and I didn’t wanna greet 09 without a beer in my hand. So I rushed to this major MAJOR street shebang event with bands and concession stands and horny kids and whatever. Standing in a sea of families,friends, and couples as the ball dropped was the crappiest shit. Countdown to zero and everyone’s making out or kissing their kids or engaging in cheesy gang grouphugs. The only lips I got to kiss that night were my beercan’s. Only butt I was grabbin was my ciggie’s. The most alone I ever was was the time I had tens of thousands around me.

The first coupla minutes of ’09, I spent with my eyes closed. The next few seconds with my back turned to the bands, the dancers, the stage, the fireworks, the confetti, trying to make my way out of the stupid crowd. Atleast I got a bit sloshed.

P.S. I found out a few days later that Krish and Nike also broke up on New Year’s Eve. ’08 was the freakin’ bomb.

January – Where I get my game on.

Me and Beth kept on texting, but I sorta moved on already so I was like, consulting my little blackbook, rounding up the cattle of flames. I was hooking up with like, 4 other girls, checkin up on their…er…availabilities and stuff. Heehee. I hit it off with a friend’s (Mira) friend (Frances), and we were constantly texting…touching on topics like movies, music, books… I was still in the big city at the time so I dint get to hang with them…yet. Oh, and I also metup with bigcity friends while I was in town, including longtime crush Lenore.

I was back in the mountains by the 2nd week and one night, me, Krish, Leo, Mira, and Mira’s boyfriend, JD, went drinking and the subject of Frances came up. They were squeezing everything outta me, and they saw how I liked her so they came up with a plan to get her to hang with us. The next night, the same group + Frances had dinner at this Japanese place. I was friggin broke so Leo sprang for me, and Krish sprang for me for Frances, makin me look good. Heehee. Dinner was great. Frances was pretty quiet at first (emphasis on pretty), but I got her talking by the time we were having our after dinner ciggies. So dinner was done and we din’t got nothing to do.  I forgot which genius thought of drinking, but Frances was game so thank you, whoever thought of booze first (I don’t think it was me).

So we all headed back to our place and got wasted. JD’d been mouthing off to Nike about breaking up with Krish, Krish’d been breaking down upstairs with Mira to console her, and Leo left early on. It was sorta up to me to level Frances off on what was happening. But yeah, It was a good night. Great night. Yeah.

On the subject of Krish and Nike’s breakup, Me and Leo were constantly cheering Krish up. Not that we’re on her side on stuff (we’re on both sides), but ’cause Nike had school and it was usually me and Krish at home (Krish’d been staying with us since they came back up to these here mountains), with Leo coming over almost everyday. We watched movies, scarfed down boxes of pizza, drove around, anything to keep Krish good. I know what it’s like fer Krish, so I think I did what I can. Doing.

Oh yeah, and also, Gramps finally croaked like, the 3rd week of January. I got to the Fun Home like, the last night of the wake,  and drank with my cousins till the funeral service the next morning.

February – Where I let the pieces fall where they may.

Hung with Frances a handful of times now, whilst constantly keeping in touch thru texting and stuff. I think it’s safe to say that I want her around.

Beth’s been asking me out for coffee a coupla times, and I keep turning her down. It’s been crazy busy lately. Lookit me, turning down a cup of coffee with Beth.

Longtime crush Lenore turned up a coupla days ago, apparently friends with Sol, another friend of mine here in the Boondocks, and we all met up fer drinks. We adjourned at around 3am, and I offered she sleep at my place instead of running back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. And she agreed. Once we got home tho, a couple other friends were sleeping over as well,so the guest beds were all used up. Not a prob since she can sleep on my bed and I can take my emergency cot. So there I was setting up my cot on the floor, when one of our friends sleeping over in the guest rooms asks fer a spare blankie, I din’t have any, aside from the one Lenore’d be using, so I give him mine. I figured I wouldn’t need it anyway.

Long story short, I ended up getting cold, and Lenore said I could sleep with her since she said she could also use the body warmth, so yeah,  I slept with her. We din’t do it or anything. We just slept. Hugging. Okay mebbe flirting a bit but that’s it.

Anyway, I might be landing a job writing for an online music directory.  Killer.  Awryt.


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  1. Glad to see you back blogging – I missed you!

    I’m really sorry about your Grandfather…

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