Layouting for Losers

So here’s what happened. During that gig where Krish and Jean played, I was also introduced to some dude from some stupid school pub. I was meeting this guy ’cause my friend Rey usually does their layouting for them, and I figure Rey’s been kinda busy lately ‘swhy he’s passing on this issue’s layouting stint to me. I’m not much of a layout artist, but I figure I could figure shit out along the way. The pay’s good anyway. This talk happened the 3rd, I guess (too lazy to check out own entry).

And this was what we agreed on:

  • The shit’s 10-12 pages
  • I get the articles and images within that week (first week of December)
  • Deadline was the 15th
  • Pay was 2000 Philippine Pesos

Fair enough, considering there wasn’t any pressure anyway.

But get this, I got the stuff to work with on the 12th, and was rushed to work the thing the whole night of the 13th, with their staffers over at my place to supervise and shit. We finished the whole thing by 10 am the next day. Also, the shit ended up with 20 pages.

These guys were totally unprofessional, and It took all my self-control to not kill them all as they sat behind me while I was working and they were being stupid (there were four of them that night). Their articles were crap with the worst grammar on earth.  The photos I had to work with were grainy, blurred, low-res shit that needed major tweaking. They even had a cover design in mind, so it would just kill me to say that I did the layout for that piece of shit paper if ever anyone I knew ran into it. God.

I didn’t read anything from it. My opinions on the fucked up headlines were shut down by the stupid staff, so whatever. It’d just pain me to read the shit and not be able to edit.

I even went the extra mile and doodled some shit for their paper just so it wouldn’t die of blandness.

I dunno what the going rate is for stints like that, as it was my first freelancing gig, but whatever, to fuck ’em right back, I demanded 3000 bucks.

I think I know now why Rey passed the job to me. That fucker.

I’m getting paid on the 16th, and I’m still thinking of busting their balls more and go for 3,500.


What the fuck was up with my previous post, huh?


~ by kinchoporgy on December 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Layouting for Losers”

  1. Do your tags reflect your life? If so, comics, stoned and breakup are obviously a very large part of it.

  2. I bet it makes me look like a spaz, huh?

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