Doc Samson

Real good talk with Krish yesterday. I was watching the Clone Wars thing on the PC while she was stumbling around on her laptop when I ask about her and Nike.

Well Nike’s acting like nothing happened, and Krish’s still pretty bothered… but they do plan on talking it over. I just got up and they were both gone.
*keeps fingers crossed*

Me and Krish also got to talking about Betty. Seems ignoring a problem can’t ever be a solution to anything, as I went through the whole Deckard Cain bit. Y’know… “stay a while and listen”…

Ah, but looking back on my blog… I see improvements in me.

Don’t you?


~ by kinchoporgy on December 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Doc Samson”

  1. Woow. =.=
    I just read about half of the blogs you’ve ever written, because I truly wanted to see these “improvements” in you.
    Anyway, I’m sorry Beth broke up with you. And secondly, why be so bogged down about it? Be single.. and free. Grow wings! Fly around her, show off.
    She’ll realise the huge significance of what she walked away from sooner or later.
    Be freeeee!
    And dance.

    Dancing to bad girl techno will solve everything.
    I am now rambling. So, I’ll shut up and get back to my own blog. >_>

  2. You really backtracked on my blog? Mucho appreciatado my man! Well what do you think? Improved, right?

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