Pierce me, I must be dreaming.

I just wanted to talk to my ex. Wrap things up properly.

But she denies me audience, and hits me with a sucker punch entitled “I have a boyfriend now”.

I plea for a hearing the whole day, and I’m ignored.

So to celebrate the death of true love, I got me a piercing.

I am now lovely.


~ by kinchoporgy on November 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pierce me, I must be dreaming.”

  1. Hi kinchoporgy, nice blog… Don’t you have anything to tell about yourself to us??

  2. Erm…like…how man?I mean…any suggestions?(noob blogger lol)

  3. You mean “HOW??”
    uhmmm. Strange… Anyways,
    Have a link named “About me”. Jus write about yourself. Fellow bloggers would definitly click that page if its name “About me”. That’s nature. 😆

  4. …page if its named…
    Excuse me for my english.

  5. Ah, that. Yeah I revamped the “Chop” page for the title to better suit the bill. Here ya go: https://kinchoporgy.wordpress.com/glad-you-found-me-interesting/

    Help much appreciated Fredman.

    Nuffn wrong with yer english. Heehee.

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