Old dogs, new ticks.

I have been reading Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis today and it’s just insane. I just quit journalism to find more money, but Spider Jerusalem makes me wanna go back into the fray. I’ve always wanted an OP/Ed thing but I never ran it by the EIC. Best leave columns to the ents and owls. In a place where “the old and the wise” are the only ones people listened to, who’d wanna read the musings of a 22 year old anyway? So I stuck with reporting and editing (free food at most presscons anyway).

I never really felt welcome in the newsroom. I mean, sure everyone treats me nice, and everyone treats me as their equal, but let’s face it, I’m not.

I was the youngest in a newscrew of 10. Nearest to my age was a dude a decade older than me (with major issues – everyone just avoids him). The rest are already putting their kids to college. College. They’ve got kids older than me. They’d never understand the things I do on my free time.

Watercooler conversations’re like:

Coworker 1: My (some flower)’s bloomed again!

Coworker 2: Oh yeah, remind me to harvest some lemons from your garden when we’re there. I need it for tea. *waves dried, crushed leaves in suspicious plastic bag*

Me: That was tea? I thought it was…

*everyone looks at me*

Me: Er…Oregano. *channelsurfs*

Okay, that was a stupid watercooler example. I just thought it was funny. Heehee. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t want age forced on me is all.

That wasn’t the reason why I quit the job though. If you’ve read my recent post, you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

As for my wanting to go back into journalism, I guess I’m just gonna hafta settle for blogging fer now. My own opinion column sans editors. Heh.

Erm…my tummy’s actin up.. Must’ve had too much coffee fer today.

So dear readers, I leave you with a quote from Spider Jerusalem:

No wait, better. I leave you with a panel from Transmetropolitan:

Yeah, that's Spider in the God-suit

Yeah, that's Spider in the God-suit


~ by kinchoporgy on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Old dogs, new ticks.”

  1. Thanks for the grins from your blog, Kincho

    In regards to the job I love, I scored a stint as a leader in a goalball recreation program. Nevermind the fact that I’m rotten in sports! I love it!

    I should be the last one to say this, but don’t give up on your journalism dream. Can you imagine what it will be like when you’re 100-years old, on your death bed, and wondering,”What would have happened if I had only…” Yah know what the ancient song says: you can’t win the race, if you don’t run (yea, AS IF I’m ever gonna be a war correspondent on some major network)

  2. nice post man – im heavily inspired by spider as well – check out my rants and leave me a comment

    – peace.

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