I am Santa Claus, I have lost my fangs.

A five-minute poem:

I am gum,
Chew, blow, pop.

I am a candle,
Shining, fizzling.

I am marijuana,
Spicy, happy.

I am Santa Claus,
Ho – Ho – Ho!

I am a condom,
Sweet-smelling rubber.

I am God,
Extracting, saving.

I am a toothpick,
Reaching, ridding.

I am ice cream,
Cold, cold, warmth.

I am yours.

I am not.

Weird dream (has nothing to do with poem):

I was a vampire, and the last person on earth. Everyone else is dead. The sun has been blotted out, and wooden stakes don’t work. Wanting to die, needing to feed. Living off rats and cats and roaches. Taking forever to die. After forever, a dying rat stumbles by. I weakly drink it up, rat-blood trickling down my chin.

I lay down, rat in hand, and finally die to wake up.

So I got up to pee and I see myself in the mirror.

I have blood on my lips.

Turns out I bit my lip in my sleep.

Or did I?


Yeah, I most probably did. Heehee.

Still freaky though.


~ by kinchoporgy on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “I am Santa Claus, I have lost my fangs.”

  1. your blog is random 🙂

  2. Just posting my head is all, madam.

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