I need a job

So get this, after years of getting in and out of college taking up BS Nursing which was enforced on me by my folks, I got the guts to tell ’em off and that I was going indie.

This happened a year ago. I got a crappy job at a callcenter, enough to pay fer rent, sustenance, and I even managed to whittle down my debts from the university.

After a few months of arguing with debit cardholders,I quit the lousy job and worked as an editor at a local weekly community paper.

So everything’s fine and dandy,right?

Here come my parents, insistent I get a college degree. But this time, they’re willing to let me take up whatever I want.

And here I thought I didn’t wanna go through that stupid formal education crap again, but lo and behold – the spark of my pursuing my career as an artist is rekindled!

So I’m going back to school when the next school year starts. Great, right?

So what do I need a job for?

Heres the thing. I only managed to cut down my schooldebts from thirtysomething grand to 28k (I’m just talking Philippine Pesos here folks). So that’s still twenty-eight friggin thousand bucks I gotta pay off by May (school starts June).

My job as an editor is more of a volunteer thing, enough to pay the bills, but nothing more. So I quit. And now I need a new job – a higher paying one – by the end of the month.

I’m fratzed.


~ by kinchoporgy on November 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “I need a job”

  1. Don’t give up!!! There’s a job that you’ll love, waiting for you! If a melon head like me can blunder into a job that she loves, anyone can do it. My job is very part time, but I love it!

    Keep your chin up!

  2. Hey thanks fishy, I really do hope I land a job I’ll love.

    Heck, even if I don’t love it, long as it pays the bills. 🙂

  3. I mean THE bill. Heehee.

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