So I started a blog…

This is actually my first post on my first blog and I obviously don’t know the first thing about blogging. Why’d I even start one in the first place? What do i wanna accomplish by starting one?

I’m probably gonna look back into this first post a coupla months from now,jump in with Dr. Brown and beat up my past self – my present self at present.

So yeah…, huh?

I’m gonna mess around while I key in this first entry.

Lessee… bold, italic, strikethrough(?), … blablabla… bullets…

Ooh! Quote-y blocks!

Now how do I preview my entry?

Where do I even find the “post” but-ah, there they are.

*hits preview*

Hey! It opened up a new window. Cool. Quote-y blocks disappointed me though.

So yeah… uh… I’ll mess with the other fitches later…

So why’d I start a blog? Why do people start blogs anyway? I’ll go out on a limb here and say some people do it to express themselves to a wider audience. Some people do it to keep their friends posted on whatever it is they’ve been doing lately. I also hear you can make a lotta munny blogging.

So why’d I do it? I got no talent to express or whatever. No one I know in real life knows about this blog. And I dunno about making munny (of course I welcome the idea, but I don’t know squat).

So I guess this blog doesn’t matter, really. I don’t expect any comments or whatever (appreciated though).

*hits preview again* (entry window too damn short)

So yeah… I’m making this blog for catharsis. Catharsis. Big word. Small penis.

The other reason I was gonna say about why people start blogs is that people start blogs.. because something…eventful… happens in their lives. A loss most probably . Because you when you lose something (usually something you spend your time on), then you got time to blog. Heh). At least that’s my reason.

*flash of light*


*future me bursts thru the doorway*

future me: “Stop! You’re making a terrible mistake! Posting that entry would brand you a sissypants forevah!!!”

me: “Only if people find out it’s me doing the posting. I mean us.”

future me: “Oh.”

*future me whips out nasty futuresque weapon, fries my eyeballs*


me: “What the fuck was that for, man?!?”

future me: “For your stupid hair, stupidhead!”

So that’s my reason. At least i got the intarweb. The intarweb will never leave meee...~

On the offchance that someone bothers with this post, why’d you start blogging? Howsit working fer ye? Will you lend me munny?


~ by kinchoporgy on November 1, 2008.

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